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3/12 Jason Andreacchio to Princeton!

Here is a shoutout to Jason Andreacchio and his success at the Princeton Forensics tournament in 2018! Jason Andreacchio is a Junior at C. Leon King High School. During his Sophomore debate season Jason was able to earn a bid to the Tournament of Champions debate tournament. This was quite a feat for the Sophomore. Eager to do even better junior year Jason planned to attend the tournaments that his school team was going to that year. However Jason was unable to attend the school team’s first tournament. This caused Jason to have to attend a tournament independent from his school to make up the lost opportunity. Unfortunately independent tournaments require a larger cost because expenses are not split among as many people. The BestFit Foundation saw the opportunity to support a student in need and approached Jason about offering financial aid of $150. With this aid Jason was able to attend the Princeton debate tournament. At the tournament he advanced all the way to semi-finals.

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