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2/18 Hui to Harvard!

Financial cost should never be a barrier to student dreams. Huy Bui a senior at Alief Hastings High School in Houston Texas has been an active member of Speech and Debate since 7th grade. He showed his passion and commitment to the activity when he championed the Texas Longhorn Classic for Program of Oral Interpretation. This year his team was planning to compete in the Annual Harvard Forensics Tournament one of the largest and most prestigious tournaments in the nation. However tournaments like this one can cost anywhere upwards of $500 depending on tournament registration fees, hotel expenses, airline tickets and more. Due to his father's disability more often than not healthcare expenses are prioritized over other things, placing Huy's ability to attend at stake. This is where BestFit Foundation stepped in our team awarded Huy a scholarship of $150 to ease the cost of participating in the tournament. Along with some self-fundraising Huy was successfully able to attend the Annual Harvard Forensics Tournament. Financial restrictions should never be in the way of a student's ability to do what they are passionate about and BestFit Foundation seeks to break this barrier to student success.

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