How we help



Whether it be for a dress for a prom, shoes for a speech and debate tournament, or a suit for a job interview, there is always something we can provide. We organize clothing drives that allow the community to take part and contribute to the cause. BestFit also works on an individual level with schools, building a network with guidance counselors in schools across the area to find students in need and cater to their requests. We then use their requests to provide inventory that solves their issues with formal clothing that they need. Maintaining high-quality articles of clothing is always a priority and we dry clean all the clothes that we receive.



Some students require more than just formal clothes to be able to pursue a certain activity. For these students, we provide small scholarships ranging from $300 - $1000 that allow students to do something that may be financially out of reach. They can be used to help students attend a certain event or buy certain equipment. Scholarships require students to fill an application that includes questions concerning GPA, guidance counselor approval, teacher recommendations, and a short essay on why the scholarship is needed. Scholarships can be made in the name of a company or organization that funds it.



We work individually with students to determine what their passion is, and what resources they need to pursue it. Our team works closely with guidance counselors so we can accurately and effectively help students. We strive to develop a network spanning across schools, teachers, and students so that no student feels like there are no options for them. We know that not all students are alike, and the solution for one student may not be the same solution for another. This is why we strive to develop close relationships with those we help and work alongside guidance counselors to develop a plan tailored to the individual.


Donate Clothes

Have any gently used old formal attire? Go ahead and ship them to us. For more info, click here.


5034 Devon Park Drive 33647 Tampa, FL

Donate Scholarships

Help us fund student success. We would greatly appreciate any donations.

Partner With Us

Looking to become a long term partner with us? Reach out to us to better help others.